Safety Tips

Electrical safety begins with proper wiring. Has your wiring been installed and checked by a qualified electrician?
Does your home have at least a 100-amp service?
If your home is heated electrically, does it have at least a 200-amp service?
Do all appliances and electrical cords carry approval of the Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) or other authorized laboratory?
Are all plugs on electrical appliance cords the three-prong type and grounded?
Do you have a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) in the bathroom, kitchen and where water can come in contact with electricity?
Check cords for wear, especially at plug and connections. Replace cords that have exposed wire!
Do you keep cords away from heat and water?
Do you ever disconnect an appliance by pulling the cord? Always pull the plug.
Are all convenience outlets grounded?
Are electrical outlets for outdoor use weatherproofed?
Are moisture-resistant appliance cords used outdoors?
Does every major electrical appliance have its own circuit?
Do you ever handle or use appliances if you are wet or are standing on a wet surface, like in the bathroom or kitchen? Please do not!
Do power tools have heavy duty, grounded cords?
Are all antennas grounded?